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In Seedling, Flower and Product Greenhouses

Living environment of the living beings deteriorates in case of extreme heat, cold, excessive humidity or lack of humidity. Especially during summer heat waves, it's impossible to ensure a healthy growing environment for the products in the greenhouses.

Our fogging systems is capable of generating water particles smaller than 15 microns. These tiny particles sprayed into the air humidify it and prevents formation of water drops on the products. As a result, in the greenhouses which are humidified by means of fogging system, loss of product is minimized and better grown stocks are obtained. Humidity level of the ambient air can be increased up to the desired humidity or it's possible to continue to cool ambient environment by expelling the humid air. Thanks to these features of our fogging systems, the above mentioned adverse effects are minimized.



In the capacities over 30 liters the main unit is located on specially designed platforms made up from steel bars. The skid consists of the pump, electric motor, pulley and belts, pressure control system and fittings.

The water filtering system and electric panel are also located on separate skids. The connection between the filtering system to the pumps are made by lower pressure plastic plumbing systems and the connection from the pumps to the fog lines are made by high pressure hoses.

Electric Panel and Water Filters

Main Unit and Electric Panel


Fogging Network

"Stainless Steel Tubing Network System" is custom designed to be suitable for its place of application. Stainless steel 22 mm and 12 mm diameter tubing with a wall thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm connected to the our main unit which is designed according to requested humidity and temperature figures, are coupled with SS nozzles and SS connectors. The Stainless Steel structure of the network creates high durability against environmental effects and long working life.

In addition to the connection type with nut, ring, nipple or tee or elbow, we use press type connectors especially in big greenhouse projects. The press type fittings enables practical, fast and also a very reliable connection.


Circulation Fans

The circulation fans evenly distributes the climatize air, produced by timfog system within the greenhouse.

Air flow : between
5000-11000 m3/hr.
Diameter: between 45-65 cm
High quality and silent fans


Temperature and Humidity Control Systems

To control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse special sensors are located. The sensors enables the timfog system to operate according to the needs of the production.