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Animal Shelters ( Healthy Animal, High Efficiency )

The studies conducted showed that at high temperatures animal stress increases, efficiency decreases and the possibilities of illnesses increase. For example it is found that the appetite of the dairy cattle decreases over 25ºC, feed stuff consumption decreases considerably over 30ºC and completely stops at 40ºC. Also very high and very low humidity ratio in the air affect the animals negatively. Although ideal temperature and humidity conditions differ for each species, in general the temperature must be below 30ºC and the relative humidity must be under 70%. Temperature - relative humidity limits suitable for dairy cattle are provided in the following table.

It is possible to obtain desired temperature and humidity conditions in animal husbandry via our systems. For example, desired temperature and humidity levels can be easily attained in hen coops by our systems; also our systems provide the most ideal solution at periods when humidity is very important and no air circulation is desired.

In dairy husbandry, our dairy fans ensures the cattle to cool without getting wet in order to prevent them from being affected from excessive temperatures. With the fog obtained from our fogging rings placed in front of the fans with a flow rate of 12000m³, the environment is cooled and efficiency of dairy cattle is increased. Our dairy fans are located along the manger with 7,5 to 15 meters distance from each other depending on the number of cattle. Economic solutions that will increase the efficiency of dairy husbandry at summer heats are provided with our barn cooling packages designed according to the dimensions of the animal shelter.